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How to Prepare for a Session

It is important that you feel comfortable with the treatment you receive. During a session I will address restricted, inhibited tissue and habitual patterns, and so will often ask you to participate by breathing into these areas, doing specific small movements, and changing into different positions to receive the work. Each person is the culmination of the uniqueness of their body, personality and life experiences. As such, each person will have their own unique experience of the work. My intention is to establish a good understanding of workable pressure and goals for each client. It is important that each client feels comfortable with communicating their needs.

How long is my session?

The initial session is approximately 75 minutes long, subsequent sessions will be 60 minutes long. During the first session you will be asked to fill out an online health intake and consent form. 


How much should I eat or drink beforehand? 

A litre of water the day before and having at least some water the day of your session. Also, be mindful to eat lightly before a session because a full stomach can cause discomfort. 


What should I wear?

At the beginning of every session I will assess your structure by asking you to stand, sit, walk or do certain movements. Seeing the structure ensures a clear assessment and treatment for clients. During a session I may have you in several different positions to receive work. It is important, therefore, to be dressed appropriately to receive the work. 


  •  Men are to wear underwear or underwear with exercise stretchy/ loose fitting shorts or a bathing suit. 

  •  Women are to wear underwear and bra or exercise stretchy/ loose fitting shorts. A camisole can be worn if comfort requires. 


Where should I park?

There is free parking available in front of the house. 


How do I pay for my session?

I accept cheque, cash or email transfer.

Cheques must be payable to Kathrine Walker. Email transfers must be sent to info(at) before your session.


Is this session covered under my insurance plan?

I am licensed by the College of Massage Therapists of New Brunswick, therefore if you have coverage under massage therapy on your insurance plan you should get reimbursement. Some plans require a doctor’s referral and so you will have to check with your provider.


*Kathrine offers services and sessions in both English and French. 

Please note; sessions take place in Kathrine's home that she shares with her dog Tuck. He is a very good boy, and will announce the arrival of all visitors. 

Tuckleberry Finn

Born: November 14th, 2011


Notable Accomplishments: Last year, through every kind of weather, my funny monkey/dad Andrew and I ran over 4300kms. Realistically, I think I’m closer to 5000, but who’s counting. I think I need a Garmin.


And as if that weren’t enough, this spring while we were in the woods on a bike ride/run, I passed the funny monkey while he was doing 41km/h... uphill! That, and I’m very humble.


Favourite things in the world: Treats! Racing with other dogs! Greeting mom’s clients and staying chilled out on the floor near her while she works. Driving in the car and having my tummy rubbed. 


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