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I had been plagued with lower back and neck pain since my mid-twenties. By the time I was in my late forties, the pain was really interfering with my life. I was using heavy anti-inflammatory medicine and receiving ongoing chiropractic care to no avail. My GP had even sent me for an MRI to eliminate the possibility of a spinal tumor. Then a colleague told me about Rolfing. After I started receiving Rolfing treatments, I began swimming and then took up yoga. I am now virtually pain free and able to enjoy life to the fullest! 

– Joan Fenety, Fredericton, NB


Over the years, I have sought out a great deal of treatment for my very abused athletic body and very frequent / chronic? headaches. I was suffering after completing my first full marathon. Life just seemed hard and I was not bouncing back. I finally made an appointment with Kathrine, after delaying and delaying. Why the delay? Well, I had heard from many people that Rolfing hurts, and I believed them. Kathrine determined that my body was out of alignment. It doesn’t matter how and when this misalignment started, it made running unpleasant, I couldn’t sit straight on my horse and it was affecting my life negatively in a multitude of ways. Kathrine’s explanations made sense and I began a series of ten sessions. Kathrine slowly realigned me and an equine therapist worked with my horse. My horse and I have subsequently enjoyed years of competition with very few physical setbacks. Kathrine has been a fabulous member of our riding “team” and has helped me with even the slightest difficulty in movement.


This experience taught me that my body was not my enemy when it was off. Instead, I have learned to listen and heed what it is telling me.Each session in the series focused on a different area of the body. Ironically, my favorite session focused on the mouth and nose. I have long suffered with allergies and sinus problems but regular visits with Kathrine are much more effective than allergy pills. This year, I am happy to say that I am actually enjoying summer, versus tolerating it or hoping pollen season would be over soon. I now see Kathrine for a monthly tune up. I am always amazed at how these regularly scheduled visits allow Kathrine to catch any changes, before they develop into a significant issue.

– Margaret Loughrey, Fredericton, NB


My twin pregnancy, in particular, had a major impact on my body. I was put on bed rest for four months and had a cesarean section. After the birth of my twins, I was experiencing severe pain and weakness. Kathrine has helped me feel like myself again. I have gone from barely being able to walk to beginning to exercise again. Thanks to her work, I have been able to care for my children in a way that would not have been possible with the pain that I was in. I continue to see Kathrine regularly to help with the aches and pains that come with caring for two infants. I leave each appointment feeling strong, rejuvenated and relaxed.

– Hope, Fredericton, NB
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